How to Clean Your Carpet Using Steam Cleaner

Daily vacuuming is essential to clean the carpets off every day dirt and dust. However, there are set-in dirt and stains that a vacuum just can’t reach. Steam cleaning is now a popular way to clean your carpets without using harsh chemicals that can affect our health and condition of the fibers. In this article, will teach you how to clean your carpet using a steam cleaner.  
Steam Cleaner

Step 1: Move the Furniture 

Before you start the cleaning process, make sure you clean the room first. Steam cleaning is most effective when you remove everything, from papers, toys, chairs, tables and everything. Moving the furniture away will allow you to reach the corners and stains and to also protect the wood pieces from possible damage. If you don’t have a vacant room where you can move the furniture, divide the room into two sections. Clean the other half section; let it dry and proceed to the other half.  

Step 2: Vacuum the Floors 

Steam cleaners will remove dirt particles from the carpet’s fibers, not larger pieces like hair. So vacuum the entire floor and carpet before you do the steam cleaning process. This process will remove the top layers of dirt, dust and crumbs. Vacuum slowly than usual, and then go over the process to get as much debris as possible. Let the steam cleaner do the cleaning of the grime and deeper stains. Steam cleaning works best on a freshly vacuumed carpet.  

If you find stains or really bad spots, treat the stains before you clean them. Use a carpet stain remover to treat these bad spots, blot with cloth to completely remove it.  

Step 3: Fill the Machine with Water and Cleaner 

The machine you bought or rented could have its own heating mechanism, but filling it with hot water helps more with cleaning it. Fill the water container with hot water (not boiling) and cleaning solution. Do not overfill the tank, so use water that the tank directs. Make sure you followed the instructions given so you don’t damage your carpet. That’s why it’s also important to know what type of carpet you have so you would know what type of solution it needs.  

Step 4: Start Steam Cleaning 

You can now start the cleaning process. You should have a plan to what area you should clean first. Start in the corner, and slowly work out of the room. Make clean straight lines while you’re cleaning so you wouldn’t miss any spots. Some steam cleaners are meant to be pushed to lay water or pulled back to suck it up. Read the directions before you use it.  

Do not do short, back and forth strokes like what you usually do with vacuums. Slightly overlap the new line you started so you won’t leave any lines of uncleaned carpet. Make sure to moderate your speed. Work slowly so it has more time to suck up water.  

Step 5: Let the Carpet Dry Completely 

After the cleaning process, let it dry before you walk on it or put back the furniture. Wear plastic bags on your feet so you don’t soil the carpet again.  

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